A year of make believe

A Year of Make Believe: A Christmas Letter

Midwinter Christmas festival
Into anomalous Summer
I send out Christmas cards
Adorned with Frosty the Snowman
He does not melt
Though I do
Sitting under a fan
Writing of my year
Whilst my brain
Turns to heat induced

What did I do
This year?
How shall I edit
The last 12 months?

I’m a poet now
So this is my year
In verse

I had a brain transplant
Back in March
Broke my heart in June
{Soon put back together
with putty and superglue}
Had my left hand amputated
In August
Fitted with a light weight
Robo-cop inspired
In November

Which brings us to December
And this letter

I say I’m well
Hope you are too
What have you done
This year?
Merry Christmas to you
And yours
May next year
See you happy

And all the while
I dream
Of how it would be better
If I could tell my lies
Face to face


Copyright Dec 2012


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