Oh Gary. My Gary!

for years now

i’ve wanted to chat

with Gary Oldman

don’t know why

he’s not pretty

or even attractive


he seems to be

a chattable bloke

does he smoke?

i couldn’t handle the fumes

perhaps it’s best

if i keep on chatting

to imaginary Gary

who thinks i’m funny

and smart

and can write poetry

which causes the heart

to cry

with pain

poignant words

which carve their way

into people’s brains

especially Gary’s

it’s not really a crush

not physical anyway

a crush of the minds

which i will never touch

but imagine


i’ll overlook the alcoholism

a mere blip

on my imaginary radar


i cannot overlook

so beautiful

so cool

so tall

too tall to overlook

a type not me

only imaginary Gary

would eat the mince pies which failed

is it true love

if someone eats your bakery flops?

Dad ate them! {a digression}

Mr. Oldman is not

an old Englishman

he does not have

old man habits

he speaks with an Australian accent

in my head

in my voice

he is me



Copyright Dec 2012


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