10 tea haiku

scented steam of tea~redolent of summer nights~green tea with jasmine

bold full flavoured taste~assam with milk and honey~knock your socks off tea

mint digestif tea~settles stomach after meals~a fresh breath of air

aussie afternoon~a full bodied tasty brew~drink it by the pot

delicate earl grey~served in royal albert cups~no milk thank you ma’am

tetley’s british blend~homesick ex-pats drink it up~a mug full of tears

tempting chinese tea~wet odour of smoky leaves~hot lapsang souchong

camomile flowers~dried and steeped in hot water~soothing calming tea

dandelion coffee~ tea by any other name~strong and bitter drink

the dieter’s friend~cups of piping hot green tea~metabolic lift

Copyright Jan 2013


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