10 tea haiku encore

woody rooibos tea~reddish glints of africa~swirling in my cup

ceremonial~cups and teapot on a tray~sip sunny sencha

winter’s dash of red~often mixed with hibiscus~glowing rosehip tea

we call it “charlie”~regal prince of wales black tea~edwardian style

fancy cup of chai~spicy, frothy, milky mix~sweet tooth satisfied

russian caravan~stepping out across the plains~tea for travel dreams

virgin curling leaves~blast of green gunpowder tea~crunchy rice crackers

pot of oolong tea/ halfway between green and black~taste all of it’s own

hint of lemongrass~zesty lift to plain green tea~a morning mood boost

a long frosty glass~ice cubes bob in sweetened tea~slices of lemon



Copyright Jan 2013


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