10 minutes away

A tornado struck

At the other end of Buderim-Mooloolaba Road

Too close for comfort


10 minutes drive away

Do tornados keep to the speed limit?

Did the twister

Obey all road rules

When it took Judy Garland

And Toto

To Oz?

10 minutes away

Before I knew

That it had struck

It was long gone

Sucked back into the cyclone

I should be sanguine but

Tornados are American!!!

{All the movies say so!}

What is one doing here

Next door

In Mooloolaba

Just up north

In Bundaberg

Aren’t we supposed to have

Willy willies?

Willy willies

Almost seem cute

Cylindrical dust storms

The wind having a minor tantrum

Like a toddler

Being denied

A lolly


Are big brothers

To willy willies


One striking

Only 10 minutes away

Is just not on


Copyright Jan 2013


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