After the Rain

The sun shines

As I hang out the washing

To the tune of a warbling magpie

And the neighbours on the phone

“We’re fine

A couple of trees fell over

That’s all

Did you see the foam

At Alex Headland?”


That’s it!


For our part of Qld

Withstood the storm

The rest we watch on TV

The dramatic rescues

As flood water’s rise

Bridges destroyed

Roads in demise

People despair

As they lose it all

For the second or third time

In two years

And brown rushing water



I think I have storm remorse

Why was I spared?

When other’s lives are destroyed

A couple of trees

Are all that we lost

As the winds roared and ripped

And the backyard became a big swimming pool

For ducks

The water did not reach the roof

Our house was not submerged

We did not wait in fear

As the river slowly swelled

Relentlessly forging

A new path


So helplessly I watch

Put money in the tin

Try to avoid potholes

And feel

An outsider

Once more


Copyright Jan 2013


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