Thinking on Kisses


Thinking on kisses takes me back

To fourteen

All eager for life to begin

Dreaming of kisses

From men

Many men

Actors and cute blow-dried pop stars

Footballers and cricketers

But mainly old film stars

Like Marlon Brando

Marlon was wild

And vulnerable

He mumbled his way into my heart

Where David Cassidy could not


Fourteen was a vast improvement on thirteen

At thirteen I sneered just like Elvis

Staring out of my school photo

Upper lip curled in contempt

And embarrassment


At sixteen life retrogressed into depression

As my genes overtook my happiness


Imbetween and beyond

I was kissed

In disappointments


Kissing is a pathway


When you take that path

The glories of the sun shine

On all dark places

But the path still leads on

Through thickets and hedges

And rivers to cry on

Or about


You fall on your face

Split your lip

And can never kiss again

Without pain


From fourteen to now

This path has meandered

With me struggling by the side

Through darkness and loneliness

And fear of placing

One foot on the path to

A kiss


Copyright Feb 2013


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