At War With Words

Twisted bitter unsound thoughts will not be caught by the ink in my pen

Most discombobulating

When this day of frustration deserves to be

Captured forever for posterity for me

I cannot write

See, it’s as simple as that

My characters {quite nebulous} will not behave


I’ve tried to tease out their peculiarities

In a writing tug of war they win

Perhaps they’re shy

Or know the fates I have in store

In mind

Perhaps my chosen hero prefers to fish

Does not want to woo the woman

I’ve barely sketched

In a paragraph

And protagonist number three

Well he

May wish to win the lady for himself

And not be cast off


At the end

A mere red herring of a lover


Tomorrow I tell myself

Tomorrow I will go to war

With venomous pen

I will write these people formed within my mind

Into some semblance of a tale

They will behave as they ought

Discombobulated or not

Tomorrow will not be fraught

They shall be told



Copyright Feb 2013




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