Blue Day

My day turned blue

Just like that

A snap of the fingers

And all the yellow had gone


It had all turned blue


Even if I dream of yellow now

Even if it enters my blue world

It will mix



Just my luck {not of the Irish}

This would be a bilious green

Not the pure tones

Of emerald

Which incidentally contains a lot of blue


Anger enters my blue day

Crimson tongues of fire

Why am I blue again?

Why does it choose me?

How come everyone else

Is pink

And happy?


On the outside


This red

Attacks the blue

Amalgamates to a regal purple

Lords it over the other colours

And me

Pull yourself together!

It says

In no nonsense tones


Quickly I whitewash the lot of them

Pretend that colours don’t exist

{As they don’t}

Let it all fade to black



Copyright March 2013


3 thoughts on “Blue Day

  1. It’s Tess @bySA_Tweets, Platy, using and OLD blog, actively in limbo, lol!! Any way this poem could have been about me. I love your writing, and in a more lucid evening, I could tell you why, but I am a bit tired. All I can say tonight is I hear such a distinctive voice/ persona. lovely movement from color idea to color idea.

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