I remember to put Viva Paper Towels at the top of the shopping list

I am crowned Queen of the Clean Up

The cat

Vomits furballs


At first she believed me when I called Cat Lax a treat

But now she’s cottoned on

She suspects it is medicine

She wipes it off her paws

Onto the floor

Or the door

Or me

She vomits furballs


Cats are no trouble I’ve been told

Unless they get cysts

Are bi-polar

Obsessively clean themselves

Scream eldritchly at neighbouring cats

Have hissy fits in the front window at jeering birds

And hate all dogs


She purrs

And kisses my nose

Wraps herself around my ankles when I’m trying to make dinner

Cuddles up and keeps me warm on cold winter mornings

Greets me at the front door

A long lost traveller after a forty minute walk


Then ignores me for a week


I remember the paper towels

The kitty litter

Fancy Feast – Royale

And milk

I buy more Cat Lax

{It’s a treat, you know!}


I need these things

Because I love my cat

Even if she vomits furballs

And I’m the queen of the clean up.


Copyright March 2013


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