Hello Old Friend

It kept popping up each time she logged in to her account. An old friend wants to contact you. She disregarded it as she did all unsolicited messages. She had her coterie of followers eagerly awaiting her every tweet. She had no need to let strangers into her secure account.


Then the emails began to arrive. From An Old Friend, subject line Remember Me?? Otherwise blank. At 9:00am everyday, as she booted up the office computer an email would arrive. Week after week they kept on coming. Everyday she dutifully filed them in a folder marked “An Old Friend.”  She began to wait for them. Her anxiety rose as 9:00am neared. Would today be the day she didn’t get one? What did they mean?? Everyday on the dot the email would arrive. After it was filed away, a glorious relief filled her. She was able to get on with the day’s tasks.


She didn’t tell anyone.


So when they found her dead at a desk in the basement of an abandoned office block there was an inquiry. How did she get here?? Who was she?? Who was An Old Friend?? Why had she kept hundreds of blank emails??  Why did she have so many Twitter accounts??  They never traced her. They never traced An Old Friend either. The Internet trail was too convoluted.  She was labelled Jane Doe of the Blank Emails and filed away.


The old office block was sold and renovated. The basement became the offices of a shoestring fly by night outfit, using old computers left behind.  The receptionist initially loved her job, until one day blank emails began to arrive, from An Old Friend, subject line Remember Me?? Everyday at 9:00am one would be there in her inbox. She dutifully filed them away in a folder marked “An Old Friend”.  Then she started Twitter accounts in various names.


The Computer whirled away contentedly. It wondered how long this one would last. She seemed more vulnerable than the first who’d endured surprisingly long. Hardly worth the effort really. Still it needed to amuse itself between updates.



Copyright March 2013


3 thoughts on “Hello Old Friend

  1. Hi– Tess bySA_Tweets here! LOVE this! It gave me absolute chills on a very non-chilly Texas morning! This should get published, my dear, beyond blog. MWAH!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination and the fruits from it. You RAWK!!!!

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