She dreams she stands in the middle of a field of dying dandelions

Drawing breath in deeper and deeper

Filling lungs beyond capacity

Expanding out until her body grows round and fat like a human beach ball

Legs and arms flapping uselessly

With her little pin head bobbing

Her mouth a big drawn O

Every cell grimly hangs on to it’s neighbour slowly losing its fight to pressure

At this precise moment

She lets out her breath in a great whoosh of cyclonic force

Scattering dandelion seeds across the whole planet

Some even escaping out into the atmosphere where momentum allows them to reach the moon

There they settle in the dust

Waiting for water

And nutrients

She now stands deflated in a field of stalks smugly satisfied at her role in creation

Cells settle back into place with a whimper as she snuggles deeper into blankets and pillows

Her sleep now dreamless



Copyright March 2013


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