Periwinkle Skies

She floats

Gazes up into skies now periwinkle blue

Her body

The horizon

Bobs up and down

Up and down

In tune to the music of mermaids at play

They croon cruel seductive songs

Adorn her limbs with seaweed fronds

Place strings of pearls around her neck

Laugh at her discomfort


Her parched swollen tongue prevents speech

These mischievous seafolk would not listen even if she spoke their oceanic tongues

They wish to play

To take her to darkest depths

But not just yet

For now they revel in her thirst and fear

Steer searching boats away from their playground

Manipulate waves

To surf all away

She is theirs forever


Out of the blue


A snow-white albatross swoops down

A magical transformation of a man

Clutching this wretched woman to his breast

He ascends

Leaving mermaids to shake their fists

To bemoan their loss of fun


She wakes

Gazes up into a sky of periwinkle blue

Her body

The horizon

Bobs lightly on a cloud of rain

She drinks deeply


She sits

Admiring her brand new snow white wings



At the albatross

By her side


Copyright April 2013


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