You’re really not important

You’re really not important

I don’t need to buy your vote

You haven’t a voice big enough to reach me

Get a job, a man, a house, a child

Maybe then we’ll listen

You can join with all the others

Screaming pick me me me

Maybe then we’ll listen

If you’ll only vote for me


You’re really not important

Sitting in my waiting room

I’ll give you just ten minutes

Let me go and check my computer

Oh yes, now I see it’s you

We’ll do those blood tests tomorrow

Let me go print off the forms

Hey look! Your ten minutes are up

What’s that? You have a problem!

You’ll have to come back for that

Cos you’re really not as important

As the person waiting next in line


You’re really not important

A sponge on society

The bankers have stuffed the economy

It’s you who’ll pay, wait and see

What’s that? You’ve got a problem

Why should we care about that?

You should be out there working

Getting some experience in life

Whilst we sit in the treasury

Playing with all the coins

You may think you’re important

But it’s we who shall decide

It you’re worthy or if you’re not

We’ll make your life a living hell

No one else will care a jot

Just glad it is not them

Because you’re really not important

And that’s that!!


Copyright April 2013


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