Eye Shadows

Yvette never went out before putting her face on. She wouldn’t dream of letting anyone see the real her. What if they died of fright?? It would be too too embarrassing. She never ever took her lover home, trysts always occurred at his house. She always left before he could wake up, alone, wondering what he had done wrong this time. She could not risk him seeing the real her. He might leave.

On her way to work one morning she spied a new shop selling exotic scents and unguents. She felt drawn inside. Once there she was dazzled by colourful displays of make up. Everything her heart could desire at her fingertips. She was especially drawn towards a line of eye shadows named Dark Shadows.  She ignored the gothic overtones and bought several shades.

So eager was she to try these new shades that she stepped into the ladies lounge before the morning meeting, to apply Indigo Tunes, an alluring navy blue.

She sat in her usual seat for the meeting and smiled at all her colleagues. They did not smile back. In fact, they appeared to be stunned into a horrified silence. They shuffled nervously in their seats, tried not to catch her eye. She felt uneasy. Wondered if she had applied too much eye shadow. Wondered if she looked like a clown or a streetwalker. Watched her boss walk in the room, take one look at her and faint.

Yvette ran from the room, back to the ladies lounge to see herself in the mirror. She stopped in sheer terror at her reflection. Where her eyes used to be were now two indigo shadows, a memory of red light gleaming from deep within.  In an effort to remove the eye shadow Yvette gouged out her own eyes. She would never need make up again.

Copyright April 2013


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