Lady of the Lake

The Lake House held too many memories. He could see her in every room, walking before him down the track. He could see her swimming in the lake. She smiled and beckoned teasingly whenever he closed his eyes.  He drank half a bottle of bourbon before staggering down to the lake just as the sun set.

He had come to say good-bye. He’d spent twelve months eaten up with guilt and regret. He wanted to shed it all.  He sat dangling his legs off the end of the pier. As the full moon rose the light played tricks across the darkened rippling lake. He felt uneasy as he tried to make out fast moving shapes beneath the surface. He went to rise, but was gripped tightly and could not move. It was not such a surprise when she slid out of the lake and sat next to him on the pier. He had heard the stories from the locals. The Ladies inhabited this lake. The Ladies: drowned restless souls forever seeking revenge.

He tried not to look her in the eye. The legends warned that this was fatal, but he couldn’t help himself. She had been his love, before he’d murdered her in a drunken rage. He turned and gazed into those limpid yet bottomless greenish depths. Hypnotised he allowed himself to be taken under water to peacefully drown in the lake he had left her body in just twelve months before.  He was free of his guilt at last.

Copyright April 2013


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