Life of Kaolin

I made slip with fine white kaolin, feldspar and sand. This I poured into the moulds Iā€™d spent the past four days constructing. After firing I painted them to be as realistic as possible with rosy cheeks and skin, which shone with life.

Whilst these fired in batches {I only had a small kiln} I made the bodies. I used tea to dye the calico a light tanned colour. It was the end of summer, skin had yet to take on the wan winter look. I stitched and stuffed and threaded a plastic poseable skeletal frame within. Movement was essential.

Then I inserted glass eyes and glued on wigs made of real hair. I stitched and glued soft body parts to the harder porcelain. Lastly I dressed them in their favourite clothes, freshly laundered and ironed.

Now we were ready for afternoon tea. We sat down, my husband, my son, my daughter and me.

We would be a family, together forever.

Copyright April 2013


5 thoughts on “Life of Kaolin

    • Thank you Greg. Maybe this is the time to tell you I live in a house full of dolls, my Mum used to make them. So, plenty of creepy inspiration. Eyes watching you everywhere.

      • Ah… I can just imagine wakening up at night, half asleep, and with the street lamps shining through the window at just the right angle onto the dolls’ faces… Yikes šŸ˜‰

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