Mr. Nimbus’s Halo

It is said that if you squint in a certain light you can see the halo surrounding Rain Cloud Nimbus.  It is also said that Mr. Rain Cloud Nimbus believes he has a light shining from another part of his anatomy, but this is a story for another day. Today we will write on Mr. Nimbus’s halo.

The halo had come to Rain Cloud on the death of his grandfather. His own father, having died, was deemed ineligible. He was two years old at the time the halo descended, consequently he did not remember a time without one. Before he went to school he believed all children had a halo. After he was beaten up on his first day he realised this was not so.

His halo shone bright all through Primary School. When he reached puberty some of the shine came off it. Throughout his teens, and teenage exploits, the halo took on a tarnished glow. This tainted halo served him well throughout his University days and even into the workplace afterwards. Women were attracted.

As he aged into his thirties and then forties, the tainted halo tainted him. Women were no longer interested in his bad boy ways. He became lonely and sad. His halo began to droop.

One day, his mood low, he tried to hang himself from his halo. What had once seemed so substantial proved to be mere ephemera. His halo, the family heirloom, was an illusion. His whole life based on this lie.

So he forgot his halo. Got on with life. Took a new career path. He had business cards printed. Mr. Rain Cloud Nimbus: Rain Dancer. He was happy at last.

Still, it is said, if you squint in a certain light, you just might see the remnant of a halo surrounding Mr. Rain Cloud Nimbus, especially after storms.

Copyright April 2013


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