I board the bus late Sunday afternoon having watched three Alfred Hitchcock films, a B&W retrospective. As I settle into my seat I see a boy, not unlike the bomb carrying boy in Sabotage, clutching a large bag. He holds it carefully, cradling it over every bump in the road. Immediately I am alert and suspicious. We hear things like this on the news all the time, children brainwashed into being martyrs for Allah or God. Granted he didn’t look particularly Middle Eastern but you never know. Be alert not alarmed echoed through my mind. Now which old PM said that??

The more I watch him the more suspicious I become, but before I can decide what to do he’s pressed the buzzer and is getting off the bus. I follow.  He moves carefully along the street clutching the bag to his chest. Now what child does that?? They either drag them or sling them over their back.

As he cuts across a park I speed up to keep him in sight. He crosses the road to an apartment on the other side.  My heart is in my mouth as he places the bag in a doorway. A woman opens up and immediately berates him for being late. He reaches down into the bag and pulls out a kitten.

“Can we keep him Mum?? He doesn’t have a home, I found him in the playground!”

I see her crouch down and pat the kitten before I slink away, drowning in self embarrassment. No more Alfred Hitchcock for me!!

Copyright April 2013


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