The Tinsel Fairy Saves Christmas

This was The Tinsel Fairy’s first year working at the North Pole. She wasn’t enjoying it very much. Santa Claus was an old sot who liked to bully the elves and fairies. They worked from January 1st to December 24th. They were only allowed a week off because Santa typically went on a bender and Mrs. Claus got rid of them all to enjoy a week of peace and quiet before hell began again.

One December 23rd Santa Claus drank more than usual. Took the reindeer and sleigh out for a joyride and inevitably crashed. He lay in a coma. All of the reindeer, including Rudolph, died.

Mrs. Claus took charge. She knew what to do, after all she’d been organising the North Pole and Christmas for years. Santa just claimed all the glory.

On December 24th Mrs. Claus donned the suit, harnessed the juvenile reindeer and with the help of the elves, loaded the sleigh. Up till then she hadn’t thought of visibility. Without Rudolph’s shiny nose they would not be able to see.  The Tinsel Fairy had a brainwave. She fastened tinsel around all the reindeer and the sleigh. The light reflected off the moon and the stars onto the tinsel which lit up like a dozen Rudolph noses. Christmas was a success.

Mrs. Claus appointed The Tinsel Fairy as Union Rep. She negotiated better conditions for all elves and fairies. The North Pole became a happy place to work, as long as Santa remained in a coma, which Mrs. Claus ensured he did.

Copyright April 2013

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