We celebrate

The cult of mediocrity

The television blares

Politicians read from scripts

News occurs in bites


From pocket hips

To animals

With the weather sandwiched imbetween

We lose ourselves in

The success

Or failure

Of football teams

Lament the coaches


New recruits

Those who sit behind the scenes in suits

We watch as others


And dance

And decorate

In great wars of fakery

Masterchefs bake the cakes

Which tempt the obese

To exercise for money

In the fatty TV zoo

Maybe if you lose enough

You can be a superdoopermodel

If you grow a metre or two

Or perhaps you can dive

Or paint a house

Get on the reality merry-go-round

Pass the parcel pseudo celebrities

Dotted with the tease

Of a future drama

Always set in the past

Modern families having been eaten up

By serial killers

And everyone watches the old movies



Copyright May 2013


6 thoughts on “TeeVee

  1. You know I keep hearing Skyhooks when I read this…horror movie right there on my teevee…he he! Awful isn’t it what rubbish is on telly! Oh and the football teams how well I know that one!

    • Shocking me right out of my brain!! It wouldn’t be a loss would it as you don’t really need a brain to watch half of what is on TV. Sigh! I’m not going to talk about Carlton {I was watching them play when I wrote this….Sob!}

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