Monday Monday

There was no room for me tonight

The cat had taken my place

So I ate in the lounge

In the dark

A first Mrs Rochester banished

To a darker attic

Whilst sweet Jane seduced

My family

Out from under my insane feet



It’s been a puzzle of a day

Cross words swallowed

Solutions jotted down in pencil

Ready for erasure

At any future time




Thoughts leaking through

At inopportune times

Bringing tears with

Frustrated anger

Cherries on top

The sun beams down

Heating agitating

All moods cogitating

My feet pound down

Step after step after step


Through unresolved past lives

Never lived

Never even contemplated




Privacy all gone astray

Anyone can just step into my mind

And say

Anything to put me away

Or down

There is nowhere to hide

To lick my wounds and pride

I’m all stretched out

On view

24 hours a day




Copyright June 2013


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