In Belgium on Tuesday

White ceiling

Pink curtains


In red chequered sheets

Put on my nightie

Back to front

A strangle in flannelette

The day begins

Without me




Red sheeted dreams

Red denim jeans

Red hot specials

Clichéd shopping centres

Lighted to the max

Illusions of heart

Cold hard dollar signs

Urging me to buy

To stockpile

My life

For the future

In red




Sun trapped

On the other side

Of trees

No warmth reaches me

I am

Doctor Gregory House

A curmudgeon born

With a fair face




Other people

Other times

Other states of me

I wish I could go back

Slap all in the face

Take another path

More aggressive

And refined

I’d like to blow them all

To smithereens

Mix them to a paste

Paint them on my canvas

In my style

At my pace

Mould the world

In shape of me




Too bland to live

I stare with no comprehension

At scientific advancements

Displayed for nothing

For the pleasure of no one

All for money

Perhaps for fame

But never for intelligence

It’s insane




Scent of tea roses

Beware thorns

Darker side of love






Copyright June 2013



2 thoughts on “In Belgium on Tuesday

    • Thanks Maryse! I forgot you were from Belgium. Not that yesterday’s poems had anything to do with Belgium!! Simply me, playing around with titles. This one came from a 60s movie called “If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium!” {with a young Ian McShane in it!} Since I’m writing whatever comes into my head this week I thought I’d play around with daily titles too!!
      Thanks for commenting and I’m pleased you moulded your world in New York, we all need a place to be!!

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