Wednesday With an Addams

The small orange beetle

Left a line of excrement down the car window



I shouldn’t complain

He wasn’t exactly the size of a gull

Everything in miniature

Before I drove home

I removed him

Even though he would not have been the first beetle to have hitchhiked home

It seems a perilous journey

For one small bug

So I let him clamber over my fingers

Take a whirlwind trip to a tree

And then walk free

From the driver’s seat

I watch this small orange beetle

Scramble quite quickly up the tree trunk to the leaves above

Vulnerable I think

So orange against the brown

Free to be eaten




Letters from doctors

So stark so fraught

In black and white

Telling absolutely nothing

Insinuating all

Creating a quiet crisis

Out of needless privacy laws









Truth in blood

To be seen by all



This says you’ll die

This says you lie

You are not what you seem

As a doctor I do not need to listen your words

The truth is in your blood





Copyright June 2013




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