Saturday’s Point of View

Face my fears

The time has come

Next week I’ll make the call

I broke a tooth today

So to the demon dentist

I must

Allay all fears

Panic no more

Suffer prods within my

Aching maw

If I had them all removed

Each single tooth

I needs must never darken their door

But live on soup

And custard

For evermore





You can feel

The onset of death

As each cell tires

Falters in its rebirth

Somewhere along the line

Mutations occur

Stronger than the photocopied original

They grasp on tight


Go forth


Such parasites




The sky is falling

Yet again Henny Penny

In my mind

Has set up such a screech and scrawk

Enveloped in blue





When I was little

I would save the black jellybeans

For last

My favourites

The 7th season of Dexter

Bought today

I have

Admired the cover

Agreed with the quotes

Stripped off the plastic in anticipation


I will devour

My black





As I contemplated dying

Leaving a me size hole behind

I realised that in terms of the world

The loss of me would be nothing

And I thought

What a bitch!!!



Copyright June 2013




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