Each day she fights for the butterflies

Tries to protect them

From the voracious spidermen

Each day she fails a little more

As the spidermen

Gorge on butterfly flesh

But still she keeps on trying

For the butterflies

For herself

One day she’ll free them all


Just not today


Today she saves as many as she can

Stores them in a special place

Full of colour and light

Tries to ignore the crunch of the spidermen

As they feast


The screams of butterflies

In pain



To herself

Would the butterflies be better off

Having a short life of freedom

Free and unaware

Before the end

Happier than

Fluttering aimlessly in her haven

Trapped by her love

And need to be a saviour


Perhaps the spider men

Are doing them a favour

Death to fulfil another’s need

May be a nobler end

Than being trapped

In a cage

Of beautiful



Copyright July 2013


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