Blurred Lines

My appointment time

Has come and gone

Late again

We all sit here and wait



I scribble nonsense to keep

The anxiety monkey occupied

Are there really still 3 people before me??

I scream inside

Not wanting to be here

Not wanting the conversation

Tired of people


I want to sleep

In a coffin

Sealed against the noise

And might

Of the world

Nailed from within

A self stasis

Make it all stop!!

As I thud

With my silver hammer



Safely naked inside

Safe from the stakes

And barbs

Of mankind

No!! I don’t know why

A brain implosion??

My decisions took wing

Flew to foreign climes

Decided lives for others

Left me behind

To wallow

In the washing

The shopping

The cooking

Routines of boredom

To guard against

To blur the lines


Copyright August 2013


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