Distorted Thoughts Without Time


She employed sniffer dogs
To search for the time
She had lost
Writing poetry
In the vacuum
Of space
Alas these canines
Were caught
On a virtual moebius strip of words
Travelling on and on
Too frightened to jump
Unable to stand still
Forever searching
Amongst the various
Broken poems and hearts
Reduced to alphabeticals
Of light
Having discovered
The underlying rule of the universe
She declared
Moebius strips to be outdated
Thrust into
A black hole
Of a storage cupboard
Containing string theory
It’s only purpose
To provide solace
To subatomic particles
And other small thoughts of man
The dogs disappeared
In a blasé poof
Of poetical proportions
Taking time along for the ride
She breathed a relief filled sigh
Took up her pen
Wrote all over again

Copyright October 2013


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