I skirt around mud flats
Where tiny blue and orange crabs
Scuttle in the sun
A sideways shuffle
The fight is on

Leaning perilously over the bridge
I watch as one determined crab
Battles to pull a giant leaf
Into his smallish den
Was he at the point of giving up
When a wind gust took the leaf
Blew it into the mangrove shoots
Did he sigh with relief
That his machismos façade
Was still in tact
That leaf had not defeated him
It was merely an act of god

Safely inside his river bank house
Did he thank his lucky stars
As he waited for the tide to turn
His home to fill with salt water
Wash away that shameful orange blush
So he could emerge
Later dressed in blue
A cool dude
Through and through
Ready to claim the treasures
Of golden leaves
Which may float his way

Slowly I leave the bridge
And walk away

Copyright November 2013


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