Adventures With Titles and Wit

The Glorious Adventures of Diana the Wonder Mosquito


Never give A Tiny Vampire A Happy Hour Mojito

On the same billing

Veronique C’est Fantastique avec La Technique Plastique

{Alternative Title}

Veronica’s Contortions With Rubber

And for the children

Itsy Bitsy Porcupine


Watch Out for The Pricks Kiddies


An added midnight bonus

Twitter Tweeps Do Paris


Naughty Risqué Pictures of Paris with Can Can Girls + Anais Nin + Henry Miller + Poets + Artists – All On Instagram or Possibly Twitpic or Any Other Social Media Form

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

Copyright November 2013

This was a challenge jumped into by myself and @Frenzyofflies  to write a poem of titles!! I do like making up rather silly titles and I hope that everyone enjoys the silliness of this.


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