The Billabong Gumnut Trophy

sunday sketch 72 by terry whisborne

Koala bowling by Terry Whidborne Sunday sketch 72

Koala Bowling season begins
The first week of November
A tournament organised by
The Bunyip/Yowie Bowling Association
Situated near the railway station
Of the small outback town
Named Billabong Heights

Each year for this week
Regardless of the weather
Koalas high on eucalypt leaves
Are bowled down the main street
By the bunyips and the yowies
Vying for the Billabong Gumnut Trophy bragging rights

The morning of the first day
Enterprising kangaroos
And squawking cockatoos
Set up betting tables
Whilst pious platypuses
From riverbank pulpits
Preach the perils of gambling
To sweet eyed baby yabbies
Before eating them for breakfast
Going home to dream of vice

Each day the lead did change
First the yowies were in front
Then the bunyips bowled it clear
The poor old koala bears
Were bruised from ear to rear

At the end of the seventh day
No group was in the lead
So they called it a draw
Went to the pub to drink beer

For The Billabong Gumnut Trophy
The betting had been fierce
But it all had to be paid back
So the town celebrated nothing
And the koalas hit the sack

Copyright November 2013


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