One Tiny Sprout


Advent Poems Day Six

Once upon a future time in a land where growth is outlawed, a plastic 3D-printed Robot/Human, by the name of Sallee, discovers a lone weed growing in a gap of broken concrete.  Sallee is delighted by this find. All Robot/Humans are well versed in the messy birth/growth/death state of this land in the past, though like all Robot/Humans, Sallee has not previously believed the tales.

One lone dandelion

Push pulled life out of banned dirt

Changes history

Puzzled and intrigued, Sallee visits the dandelion every day, watches as it grows, flowers and seeds. This whole unfamiliar process sends Sallee’s replicated mind into a frenzy of thought. Deep inside a disused memory chip, a small human blows a puff of air.

Scattered dandelions

Seeds venture to sail the winds

Spreading life’s promise

Sallee bends down, picks the seeded dandelion, and blows. Sallee watches as the individual seeds float on wind currents. Some seem to float forever, whilst others drift down and settle on concrete and tarmac. Sallee wonders how many cracks in the world there are, ponders the probability of one seed finding one fertile crack.

Seeds drift on currents

Sprout in the smallest of cracks

Ideas flourish



Copyright December 2013


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