The Effects of Curiosity

Advent Poems Day Nineteen


She had been told

Nearly all her life

That curiosity

Would be her undoing

So far she had

Resisted the lure

Of the Grandfather Clock

At the top of the stairs

That seductive tick

The pendulum swinging

She had stared for many

An hour together


By the hands moving round

That beguiling dial


sunday sketch 78 by terry whidborne


Sunday Sketch 78 by Terry Whidborne


On that fateful day

The clock did speak

She stepped inside

As requested

The Magic Clock

Turned out to be

An evil demon

Entrapped for greed

And various other

Assorted deeds

Of the general

Evil kind


sunday sketch 79 by terry whidborne

Sunday sketch 79 by Terry Whidborne


As she lay

Strapped to his bed

She contemplated

Her unquestionable folly

In following a lure

Set by a demon

Seductively disguised

In a Grandfather Clock

Full of Curiosities



Copyright December 2013








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