Goblin Princess Tuesday

Tuesday Goblin by Terry Whidborne for goblin week

Tuesday Goblin by Terry Whidborne for Goblin Week

With a satisfied flap of blue wings the tufted bird settled itself on the rail of Princess Tuesday’s Four Poster bed.   Here it began to trill tales of freedom, fortune and flights of fancy to the tear-stained Goblin Princess, dressed in her Wedding Day finery.

Wiping her tears away Princess Tuesday listened to the bird. She remembered stories her mother used to tell her long ago. Tales of Goblin Romance and Chivalry, Derring Do and Poetry.  The bird’s trills sent thrills up her spine. She saw herself setting out on magnificent adventures, finding lost treasures, winning poetry slams at Beat Poet Cafes.

With great enthusiasm she stood, arms waving in excitement, accidentally knocking the tufted blue bird off the rail, squishing it with her oversized, yet still quite dainty princess feet.

Her dreams evaporated in that instant.  Princess Tuesday stepped over the tiny bluebird’s body.  She was fifty, in the prime of beauty. She was about to marry the richest Goblin King in the world. She had no need for adventures and stories.

Looking in her crazed mirror, she straightened her skull necklace, shined her hooked nose, thanked the Underworld Gods for her gorgeous hair and set off for the Wedding Ceremony.

Later the Garbage Goblin cleared away the dead tufted blue bird. Took it home as a lunchtime treat for his family.

Copyright January 2014


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