Wednesday Goblin by Terry Whidborne for goblin week

Wednesday Goblin by Terry Whidborne for Goblin Week


“One cockroach short of a snack!!!!!!”

“He’s a SPECIAL goblin our Grig!! “

The jeers and shouts followed Grig as he carried the bunny home.

He didn’t care what they said. He was helping his Mum. Each day he brought home a bunny for the pot. He WAS a special goblin.  Mum had always said so.

After dinner when she’d tucked Grig into bed, before she locked up for the night, Mira took the stuffed rabbit, hid it in the same musty cave in the woods.  Then she collected lizards, snails and frogs for the next night’s dinner, knowing Grig would not know the difference.  He was a good goblin son, but she had to admit, if only to herself, not terribly bright.

Later, after watching Mira leave the woods, a troll set up a trap just inside the entrance to the cave.  Tomorrow he would eat fat juicy goblin Grig for dinner.



Copyright January 2014


6 thoughts on “Grig

      • We decided the troll got impatient and got hung up in the trap he set for Grig. The next day Grig came home dragging the troll by the ears instead of a stuffed rabbit and of course, Grig is revered by his peers instead of ridiculed. Yay, Grig! That’s the way we told it anyway. Thank you for sharing your story!

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