Enter The Beard

witch in a wizard beard hat by Sue Wright for witchweek

Witch in a wizard beard hat

By Sue Wright for witchweek



The Witch strode confidently up to the front door of The Wizard’s Retreat.  The Doorwizard visibly paled as she confronted him.

“I demand entrance!!!”

He tried to hustle her down the stairs but she would have none of it.

“I’m going in Roary, this time the rules are on my side!!”

“Oh Auntie Norma, you’ve tried this so many times, witches are not allowed inside. Please go back to your Cauldron Circle before the Head Wizards know you’re out here.”

He pleaded in a distinctly whimpering tone “You’ll lose me my job!”

“Fiddlesticks to your job!!! You’ll always get another! This is about equal rites!!!!  Besides, I have a beard now!”

He searched her face for a beard but all looked the same as usual: ski slope nose, pursed lips ready to scold, large hooded eyes ready to strike at any moment like a cobra!  No beard!  Mind you that hairstyle was new.

“Is that a wig??”

“Yes!” she snapped, “Like it??”

“It’s lovely” he quickly replied, swallowing his real thoughts. He’d learned many years before to not get on the wrong side of his Auntie Norma.

She produced a parchment from her astronomically large handbag, thrust it under his nose.

“Here! It says right here in the rules, Members of The Wizard’s Retreat must all sport a beard. Nothing about where the beard should be. Nothing specifically about witches at all.  As long as I sport a beard I can join in with you wizards! So”, she said, primping her wig, “Here I am wearing a beard, so let me in!!!!!”

Roary stared at the sections on the parchment underlined in purple.  She was right! He glanced up at her hair and down again at the words.

“Auntie” he asked hesitantly “Where did you get that wig?”

“Made it myself. Each time you wizards had a little beard trim I collected the hair. Wove it myself just last night under the needle light of the crescent moon. Very strong magic as you well know. So nephew, are you going to let me in??”

He handed back the parchment then turned around to unbolt the magic locks on the plain wooden door.

“Welcome to The Wizard’s Retreat,  Auntie Norma!”



Copyright February 2014



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