If the world was great for me
If I used my logic more sanely
Then maybe I would be more understood
By those who look down upon my twisted thoughts
With such obvious disdain

There is an internal logic to the way I approach my life
I know exactly why I stopped taking those pills
I wanted to see what would happen
I was just checking
A scientific study in fact
To see whether I needed them in the first place

Makes sense to me

I’m anaemic because I don’t eat meat
Vit D deficient because I avoid the sun
Mr. Doctor Man do not tut
I live in a hut!
{I don’t really but I do tell tall tales}

I think my life is the price I pay
For looking at the world in an upside down way
So that’s what I’ll tell the Psychiatrist
Between my tears and a tightly clenched fist

Copyright February 2014


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