The other Lydia, the one from the other side, brushed her hair, stroke by stroke, the same as Lydia, only opposite. Lydia tried not to watch the other Lydia, failing as she did every morning and every night. The other Lydia seemed to have more depth today; somehow this made Lydia both uneasy and curious.

Tonight as they brushed their hair in unison, Lydia noticed one single bloody tear rolling down the cheek of the other Lydia. She quickly wiped her own face but there were no tears, there was no blood. This was decidedly odd as the Lydias always had the same afflictions, only opposite.

The other Lydia, soon engulfed in bloody tears watched as Lydia watched her. In shock Lydia saw the other Lydia slowly drown in viscous red blood. First an eye glared out in anger, soon a gleaming fang appeared to menace, followed by a pointed finger of intent.

Lydia hastily turned off the light and went to bed, convinced she had seen nothing. Nonetheless she pulled the covers up over her head. Cocooned in blankets she fell asleep. In her dreams the other Lydia was born again, a small seed germinating in Lydia’s blood stream. Soon Lydia and the other Lydia would awake and be one.



Copyright April 2014


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