Romancing the Auctioneer

July themes

4: Romancing the auctioneer

After the auction Aston waited impatiently for Rene to return. She’d spent weeks romancing the little dweeb and soon, oh so soon, The Maudlin Moonstone would be hers. It had been quite humiliating for such a high-ranking member of the De Vere family to stoop so low but it would be worth it when the necklace was again hanging around her neck. Hearing a car door bang outside she arranged herself seductively on the settee. The closing act was about to begin.


A short time later, adorned with the moonstone on it’s golden chain, Aston slid into her midnight blue Jaguar and drove away. All had gone to plan and as a bonus Rene had proved to be quite tasty, for an auctioneer.


Copyright July 2014


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