The Arachnid Obedience School

july themes

6:  teaching spiders to obey


When Felicity opened The Arachnid Obedience School most people scoffed. Training spiders??? Who’d ever heard of such a thing!!

Unperturbed Felicity set out to become famous for being the best spider wrangler in the world. Six months later she was.


Arachnophobic people from all corners of the earth flocked to her expensive 6 wk course, leaving confident in their newly learned spider training skills. No more need for screaming and squishing, the mere use of certain words in certain tones left spiders powerless to disobey.


Everyone was happy. Felicity became rich and famous. Former spider haters became emboldened. The spiders themselves, having brokered the original deal with Felicity, banked their 60% and made further plans to take over the world. Faux obedience has its benefits.



Copyright July 2014


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