Dear Me

In a letter to myself

I’d write do you remember

I’d seal it in an envelope

With platypus stickers on the back for love

Five times as many stamps as I need now

For mail in the future could be precious and rare

Filled with tears in the finest of script

Joined up letters flowing into words

I’d outline all my aches and pains

My inadequacies and regrets

My stunted me not content to be but too afraid to be anything but stuck

I’d wax demented about my heartfelt woe


After many decades lost in the dead letter office

This faded letter will be delivered

To the nursing home in which I’ve fought tooth and nail

To not be interred

The nursing assistant will read the letter

In a booming voice assuming I’m deaf

Wrinkles, grey hair and deafness go together

“How lovely” the assistant will say

“You wrote a letter to yourself!

What a charming fifty year old you must’ve been!”

Later when they think I am asleep in the sun in my wheelchair

The assistant will read my letter to the other assistants

They will laugh and say to each other

“So she’s always been a bit daft then!!”



Copyright September 2014



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