Tiny Words Of Sketches Born

sunday sketch                                                                                             haughtiness hides

the grief inside

gorging from within

all evidence of sin



sunday sketch ter



wherever you run

in life you run too

burdening yourself

as the years pass

with you





don’t be shy

my little one

he’ll fall off soon

his life all done

then you can play

and have great fun

with this bobbin

out in the sun



sunday sketchh the others all grew

into great looming oaks

one little acorn

was turned to the dark

he doesn’t drink wine





sunday sketchterrydefying all laws

of physics underpinning

the universe of ratios

he floats above

a mathematical mind

mindfully meditating

on gravity



sunday sketchhhinside myself

a tiny ninja sharpens

her spear of intent

one day she’ll learn

to use it





sunday sketchsimprisoned ankle deep

hemmed in by briars

deep seated fears

do badger me

puts out my fires






sunday sketchterrunderneath the Christmas tree

the Krampus patiently waits for me

it seems that I have been quite bad

it’s coal for me and I am glad






All tiny words by ME

All fabulous sketches by Terry Whidborne


Copyright September 2014







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