Dr. Frankenshakes Creates a Zoo

frankenshakes animorphsDr. John Frankenshakes was bored. It was the seventeenth Sunday in a row he’d found himself at the Zoo with his son for their Father/Son day outing. John Junior loved the Zoo and was happy to visit his favourite animals week after week but Dr. Frankenshakes felt the Zoo needed a shake up. As they walked from the Monkey Enclosure to the Reptile Pavilion and on to visit the elephants he fantasised about merging the animals, creating mongrelised new species. A bit like Transformers, he thought to himself, only with flesh, not metal. No! he thought again, No that wouldn’t work! Grafting!!! Now grafting bits of animals together could work!


Dr. Frankenshakes ordered objects over the Internet. His wife and son watched as intriguing parcels of various shapes and sizes were delivered to the side gate, disappearing into the Manshed at the bottom of the garden. Eventually there was no more room and the Manshed had to grow to accommodate all the stuff Dr. Frankenshakes bought. When there was no backyard left at all he moved permanently into the shed, only visiting for the occasional meal where he spent his time muttering about DNA, cloning, circulatory systems, the difficulties of ratios and why elephants were frightened of mice. Frankly his family were quite relieved when he disappeared back into the Manshed.


Months passed and Dr. Frankenshakes became drawn and haggard, his hair grown straggly to his shoulders and his clothes worn day after day. Mrs. Frankenshakes threatened to leave him if he didn’t have a daily shower and change his clothes more often. John Junior lost interest in the Zoo after discovering video games and girls. He spent most of his time in his bedroom. Finally Mrs. Frankenshakes had had enough: she joined the professional golf tour and left home to seek belated fame and fortune.


Over the next few years John Junior grew up and went away to University where he met and eventually married a fellow Zoologist. In a strange turn of fate they ended up working at the same Zoo his father used to take him to when he was younger.


The Zoo had changed since those days. Many people from around the world now visited the Zoo and it’s new attractions. On the first day he had a shock whilst cleaning out the elephant enclosure when a group of Mousephants tried to get him to play with a soccer ball. In the next enclosure amongst the friendly happy quokkas, he discovered long snouted snapping Quokkadiles, which the friendly happy quokkas had to beat off with sticks. All around the Zoo he discovered more animorphs: Platurtles, Dolpharoos, Kookabats and Slothtahs!!

Oh Dad! he thought.


After work he went home for the first time in years. From the outside the house looked the same, as he stepped within he realised it was not so. Inside John Junior found many baby animorphs, divided into mixed species and each within their own corral. Outside he found his father in the Manshed/ Laboratory merrily working on his newest animal merging project.


“Dad!” called John Junior, “It’s me! Your son!”

Dr. John Frankenshakes slowly turned around as John Junior walked inside.

“Have you been to the Zoo?” he asked as if no time had passed at all since they had last met.

“Yes Dad! I work there now”

“Do you?” said Dr. Frankenshakes a little absentmindedly, “You’ll have seen the Mousephants then? I had so much trouble fitting them together. Mind you the Dolpharoo has proven to be the hardest to keep alive, roos aren’t all that fond of water you know!!”

John Junior watched as his father potted around the Manshed muttering to himself. Realising that he wouldn’t change and that the Zoo had never been so popular, John Junior decided to bury the hatchet for good.

“Dad” he said as he sat down on a stool, “I’ve been thinking. The Zoo could do with a few more native hybrids. . How about an echidpie?? No one would mess with that sucker at breeding time. “

Dr. John Frankenshakes’s eyes lit up with glee, “An echidpie? Part echidna, part magpie? I can see it now!” he said grabbing a notepad and a drawing pencil, “Let me draw it for you son!”




This story was inspired by John Shakespeare {Cartoonist!} and the Thursday Cartoon Twitterati who came up with the morphed animal names!!

All cartoons courtesy of John {Frankenshakes} Shakespeare!!



Story Copyright September 2014



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