Rewriting the Universe by Daniella Sciuto & J. Matthew Waters(FreeSpace #2)


Welcome to the second FreeSpace from poets Daniella Sciuto and J Matthew Waters. ‘Rewriting the Universe’ is the second of three collaborative pieces that Daniella and John will be creating together.

writing 3


Rewriting the Universe

I drew these lines ages ago without

understanding the consequences

and my desire to protect them

weakened as time wore on


I sketched these images

fast frenetic murals on the wall

portraying all my doubts

concerning this world

and myself

and then I lived on

each day passing by

these lines remained unchanged

concealed by a thin layer of imagination


I crossed the line into a new

form of reality

regaining my strength by

becoming one with creation

drawn across the land

yet the pull of these lines

that basis of all

beyond the veil of life

influenced everything

no matter how much I whitewashed

my tabula rasa was not pure


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