Naughtiness is its Own Reward

One small boy was not anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus. Last Christmas he’d discovered a book in the library, a very old book of mid winter stories about The Krampus. He had been quite taken with The Krampus, anyone who rewards naughtiness with lumps of coal was a goodun in his eyes, for the winters were always long and coal was expensive.

Robin {for that was the small boy’s name} had devised a plan, if he was naughty everyday for the whole year surely The Krampus would deliver enough coal for his family to have a warm and snug Christmas and New Year and if he was naughty enough then there might even be enough coal to last until spring.  He put his plan into action.

Being naughty every day was a lot harder than Robin had first thought. First of all he was quite small so people didn’t necessarily notice all the naughty things he was doing. Bigger naughtiness things took a lot of energy, which Robin, being an undernourished weak child, didn’t always have. Still he lived a whole year of naughtiness, eyes always on the goal of a warm winter.

On Christmas Eve, thoughts full of coal, Robin shivered himself to sleep, having left a letter of explanation on the table, together with a glass of water and a crust of bread.

The Krampus was not having a good time. All of the things he counted as naughty were not considered so any longer. Children were allowed liberties he could not approve of, so by the time he reached Robin’s house he had most of his store of coal still with him. Sighing at the water and bread, he picked up the letter and read:


Dear Mr. Krampus,

I have been naughty all year.

Please leave the coal in the cellar.

Merry Christmas to you.




The Krampus looked around the room, for the first time noticing the cold and lack of Christmassy knick-knacks. He sat and thought, absentmindedly chewing on the crust.

The next morning Robin woke to a roaring fire, a cellar full of coal, food on the table and presents for all. One of the presents he received was a book: A Book of Recommendations For Naughty Boys. Over the next few years Robin tested each recommendation until he reached the end of the book, then he ran for Parliament, becoming the youngest politician in the town’s history.

Each Christmas, The Krampus arrived for dinner with a ceremonial lump of coal {Oh how they laughed!!} and presents. Winter was never cold for Robin ever again.


Copyright September 2014


5 thoughts on “Naughtiness is its Own Reward

    • Thanks Tess. Hope Maggie likes it!! Both you and Leo {above} have made me very happy by getting the story….the rejection letter I received revealed she had not got it at all!!!!!!

      • Don’t know why she didn’t! My Maggs is 11 and gets irony.I never got to share the story last night with her. It was a case of gobble down dinner, run out of my house (with my daughter to get home to do sumpin’–WTH? I’m sharing now via email.

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