My Misbehaving Poetry by Daniella Sciuto & J. Matthew Waters (FreeSpace #3)


Welcome to the final FreeSpace from poets Daniella Sciuto and J Matthew Waters. ‘My Misbehaving Poetry’ is the third of three collaborative pieces that Daniella and John have created together.


My Misbehaving Poetry


a mess of discarded words
surround the waste paper bin
a screwed up frustrating mishmash
of misbehaving poetry
sent to Coventry
the current state of affairs
keeps missing the mark
ideas bouncing off rims in silence
not even a dead klunk
to rattle my soul
to let me know
if I more accurately honed my aim
matched that rhythm zigzagging
in and out of my own personal alphabet
if I took an occasional Z
rhymed it with W instead
attached it to an A, B or C
would poetry suddenly
work for me

exhausted I pause
stare deep into the double-hung window
a handful of flies
trapped between the panes
gasping for fresh air

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