No Rain Will Fall

In these early hours

A myriad of clocks tick

Outside geckos call

With a tut designed to break the silence

Of this dampened still hot night

Where no rain falls


We have been abandoned by the storms

They cross north of here

I see them on the radar

A rainbow of colours weather bureau

No tantalising boom of thunder in the distance

Promised relief carried on twirling winds


Even the frogs seem subdued

There will be no rain tonight they say

Let’s contain our joy until the wet

When we can croak aloud content

The late at night creek chorus


There is no room for poetry

Amongst the endurance of these summer days

The fatigue of body swamps the mind

Only with that disdainful flicker of midnight

{Chimes suppressed from 10 to 6}

Does the mind deign to come alive

Writing tales upon drooping eyelids


Under sleep monsters breed at rates unseen

They dance and sing and celebrate the heat

Weave nightmares in complex May Pole type

Dredge memories of fears long thought past

Summer sleep is never deep enough to fight back


We all exist as nighttime poets

Gesticulating at the perfidy of the world

Toss and turn in sweat soaked sheets

Watch the ceiling fan swirl warm air and words

Pretend we don’t need air conditioning


I’ll wake with a headache

These monsters will have drilled deep inside my brain

I’ll squint at dark grey clouds

Curse them for evaporating in the morning sun

It’ll be 30 but feel like 37 at 7 am

The geckos will tut to break the silence

But still no rain will fall



Copyright Dec 2014





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