Snow White Redux


Bored, she takes a line from a novel

At the feet of her muse she doth grovel



I prompt myself and say out loud

Well my love I hope you are mistaken

To anyone who will but listen

For if I’m true then everything about me is a lie

And nothing about these lies is white

But black, as black as the Witch Queen’s heart

Served up to Snow White on a platter

An entrée stuffed with apples

With a smidgen of vitriol added

Chopped finely by the woodsman’s axe

For the eight of them at feast and flavour


Mr. Charming beats heavily upon the door

Now barred against Princes forever

Perhaps it would be best they drawl

If you would seal yourself within the casket

Through the glass you’ll see us all

Cavorting under sunny skies

Perhaps your heart will break in two

As Snow White frolics with her men

Angels falling off pedestals have a habit

Of disillusioning charming princely men


Which takes me back to what is true

Versus the blackest of vile lies

And so my love I must say to you

Yes, I do believe you are mistaken

For I’m a liar through and through

Prince Charming is already taken


Copyright February 2015






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