Third Soul Lucky


Once upon a time one of my stories was published on a pillow for the Pillow Fight Project by Tiny Owl Workshop. For some reason I had never put this story on my blog until now…….


Five years after Mel exchanged her soul for Tax-Free status with the Tax Office she began to miss it. The bottom had fallen out of her investments and what good was tax-free status when she earned so little. So she decided to fashion herself a new soul out of cardboard.

She wore the soul with such panache it became the latest must have item. Everyone who was anyone wanted a cardboard soul to display to the world but first they had to shed their real soul.

The Tax Office was kept busy bargaining. Cardboard became a scarce commodity. Prices rose and soon only the very rich could afford the luxury.

Then one day, out of the blue, a thunderstorm.

Cardboard turned damp and pulpy. Afterwards the souls dried in the sun, warping and twisting. Soon the rage for cardboard souls died a misshapen death.

Having traded one soul and warped a second, Mel decided some recycling was in order. She took her malformed soul to the Soul-Recycling Depot where it was bound in a journal with other souls, bleached clean and pure, all ready to be written upon.

Mel swore she’d be more careful this time, third soul lucky.



Copyright March 2016






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