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Witch Phobia

Ella sat staring at the little fellow in the dark blue coat as he sat humming on her hearth.

“Do you have potato chips?” he asked, “I’m quite partial to potato chips!”

She didn’t even know where he’d come from. She refused to believe he’d been in that parcel she’d thrown on the fire in a huff. She might now be living in a town named for witches but she didn’t believe in witchcraft…..did she?

“Helloooooo” he bellowed waving his arms about in front of her face, “Anybody home?”

She snapped out of her reverie to glare at…..well what was he?

“What are you?”

“Can’t you tell. I’m a fairy. A little person. A Lord not a Lady!”

He hopped up from his perch on the edge of the hearth and stared up at her.

“My name is Gregor. Your Auntie Vera wanted me to welcome you to town” He…

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